Bug's Life Bowl

  • $74.99

Also featured as the bowl for the Hootie and Friends Tree Bong, the Bug's Life Bowl has excellent artistry throughout. The glass bowl has a 14mm male joint, which means it fits any water pipe with a 14mm female joint. Made to look like the trunk of a tree or a log, this bowl has green moss on a brown background. Three sets of mushrooms, varying in color, can be found on the sides of the bowl. The two pairs of tall mushrooms act almost as handles for when you need to remove the bowl from your bong. The third set of fungi are flat and set up almost like stairs. With the worked glass ladybug crawling around on another part of the glass bowl, you always have a little buddy to smoke with. The red and black ladybug is connected directly to the glass, completing the theme of wilderness. Like all Empire Glassworks products, the Bug's Life Bowl is made in the USA and uses only high quality glass. The glass bowl protrudes another full inch above its 14mm male joint. The 14mm male joint is a frosted style. Whether you are trying to liven up a bong you already own or buying a replacement for the Hootie and Friends Tree Bong, the Bug's Life Bowl has everything you need. It has a good size bowl, great artistry, and should last for a long time. Everyone could use a little more nature in their lives so why not add this themed glass bowl.