Kasher Plus Lighter Tool (2-Pack)

  • $8.99

The Kasher Plus Lighter Tool fits full size Bic lighters.

This multi-purpose accessory slides right over your lighter. It slides easily up and when not in use, and down when in use by using your thumb.

If concentrates are your thing, this tool works perfectly as a dabber. If you are more into the traditional dry herbs and tobacco, this sharp tool works perfectly to ash and clean the bowl of your water pipe or hand pipe.

Regardless of your preference, this convenient accessory has a use for any type of smoker. Available in your choice of color.

Includes 2 pieces. 

Made in the USA.

  • Kasher Lighter
  • Available In Your Choice Of Color
  • Conveniently Slides Over Regular Size Bic Lighters
  • Dabber
  • Kasher Original Dabber Lighter Tool
  • Made In The USA
  • Perfect For Cleaning Bowls